Posted: 10 months ago

Lasha Barjadze: "We are trying to digitize everything, along with changes in technology"

An interview with Lasha Barjadze, Marketing Manager of “Good Travel’’ and the training center “Tourism Organization’’ 

Tell us about how you got into the field of marketing, and what factors played an important role in choosing this profession?

At the age of 14, in 2012, for the first time, I made money through my entertainment page, and since then I became interested in social media management and outsourced it to various small companies, big brands, politicians and individuals. Later, I worked in marketing for restaurants, nightclubs, online stores, and companies with varying profiles, where I accumulated to different experiences, and made sure that marketing really interested me and was my field.

Keeping in mind the current backdrop in technological changes, what challenges do you face as the Head of Marketing?

Along with changes in technology, we are also trying to change the nature of our marketing campaigns and digitalize everything, keep up with trends, and fully adopt new technologies.

What has changed in the field in the last 5 years, and what changes are expected?

Marketing has become increasingly responsive, and digitalization has provided many new tools that make it easier to run, analyze, and budget marketing campaigns. This has enabled many small businesses to develop their businesses. Digital marketing is evolving day by day, and there are lots of interesting and accessible tools that make it easier for companies to budget and reach a larger audience. The digital world is this way for everyone.

What do you think are the most important traits a marketing manager should have, and what is his or her role in the organization in general?

In my opinion, a marketing manager should not constrain themselves in any way, she should be able to implement her ideas. They have to necessarily be trendy and active, must love the field in which they work in, and constantly focus on developing themselves.

The role of marketing manager in every organization is uniquely important and appreciated. They are responsible for the image and sales of the organization, without which the organization cannot exist.

What are you doing to help the organization keep up with new trends and use innovative approaches in the field of marketing?

We always innovate in our companies, and then train our employees in these programs to deliver the results we have. For example, Facebook has added a messenger bot feature that automatically fills a customer's order and offers various options automatically, and do customer classification, demand analysis and customization. With this innovative tool, we have simplified our business and communication with our customers.

What’s your organization’s business model regarding PR and marketing? 

Our business model of marketing is built on the complete customer experience and interests; we learn about our customers and their needs, then deliver the right offers.

The most useful advice you’ve ever received in your life?

Up or out - develop or go/die. 

Think of a person who inspires you, professionally.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) - People who have literally created digital marketing.