Posted: 3 years ago

Lasha Antadze Attracts 1 million USD in Record Period

Investments of 1 million USD in 9 months – this amount of investments was attracted by Lasha Antadze, who is participant of TechStars 2018 and founder of Sehfl.Network.

The startup was recently established, but it has already drawn 1 million USD in 9 months and in addition Lasha has signed a 1.1 million USD contract with Japanese partners.

As to Shelf.Network, it is based on Shelf blockchain and is transparent, safe and efficient auction system.

Shelf.Network has obtained various international awards, including Frontier Innovation award for developing the best case of Blockchain and BLockshow 2018 award, as the Europe’s best Blockchain startup.

Besides Shelt.Network, Lasha Antadze has got experience in international counter-corruption reforms and management of improvement of public services. He has also participated in the fifth regional conference of FreedomTech, where he has talked about Tokenization, namely – “Not All Tokens are Equal”!.