Posted: 4 days ago

Kvareli Baga Expands its Livestock Farm

Bank of Georgia continues to support businesses. Aimed at promoting agricultural fields, a livestock farm was expanded in Kvareli, Kakheti region, in partnership with the Bank and Kvareli Baga.

The company was founded in 2010, in Kakhetim Kvareli. The main activity of the farm is producing milk. High-quality milk production is related to highly productive Holstein Friesian cattle. The farm is built according to Jewish farm model. At this stage, Kvareli Baga's average monthly production is 665 thousand liters of milk. The farm currently holds up to 2,000 cows, which are operated by 60 employees. Milk quality is monitored daily by the laboratory equipment. The final quality is checked by the processing companies. 

Kvareli Baga is the largest milk-producing company in Georgia, which aims to introduce modern and international standards of milk production in the region.