Posted: 4 years ago

Kutaisi Plant to Sell First E-Cars in August 2020

The Kutaisi E-Cars Plant will start sales of its electric cars in August 2020. At this stage, the plant designing works are being finished.

Engineering communications have been extended to the territory. The company has already bought a production line and ordered part of materials. The construction works will start in the near future.

„Our electric cars will be adapted to domestic conditions. Initially, we will manufacture EADO sedan and hatchback with 450 km range, however, their range will increase on annual basis along with technological advancements. Later, we will add smaller A-class model BENI with 250 km range. In the near future, we will manufacture a new model of BENNI with double-enhanced engine and enhanced battery. In the future we also plan to manufacture electric vehicles (CS55 EV SUV and CS15 EV SUV)with 450 range.

The warranty period will be 3-5 years, while the battery warranty is 8 years, IGroup representatives noted.

“In 2020 the plant will manufacture 5 000 e-cars, while the output will rise to 40 000 cars in the coming years. The vehicles with the status of Made in Georgia will be exported to neighboring countries and Europe.

The vehicle prices will depend on the market realities. Leasing schemes will run for various consumer segments.