Posted: 4 months ago

KovZy Launches Comprehensive Restaurant Management System for Seamless Service Integration

KovZy, an innovative platform renowned for revolutionizing the restaurant business through digital transformation, has introduced a comprehensive new feature to its suite of services: a restaurant management system.

This latest addition is designed to streamline the management of all types of orders within a single system, effectively turning any Android tablet into a powerful point of sale (POS) tool. Notably, this system operates independently of an internet connection and seamlessly integrates with order receipt printers. It stands out for its ability to consolidate various order types, including on-site and online orders from platforms like Glovo, Wolt, and Bolt, as well as direct website orders.

Founded in 2021 by visionaries Aleksandre Chintsadze and Sandro Darsavelidze, KovZy has quickly established itself as a key player in the SaaS (Software as a Service) domain, specializing in the full digital overhaul of the restaurant sales process. The platform is divided into two primary modules: e-commerce and the newly launched restaurant management system.

"Our mission with KovZy is to empower restaurants to digitize their operations comprehensively and increase their operational efficiency without incurring significant upfront costs," shared Sandro Darsavelidze with Business Partner. "With the generous support of USAID, we've expanded our service offering to provide a holistic solution for sales digitalization, encompassing direct sales systems, QR menus, and the all-encompassing restaurant management system."

The platform's user-friendly approach allows eateries to set up their own websites, manage food orders, select preferred online payment and delivery options, and process orders commission-free. Additionally, KovZy offers QR menus for in-restaurant use, enabling customers to easily browse menus and place orders directly from their smartphones without the need for additional app downloads.

The adoption of KovZy's services is on the rise, with over 450 restaurants currently leveraging the platform to enhance their operations, a number expected to grow by year's end. Darsavelidze also hinted at KovZy's ambition to expand internationally, starting with Armenia, as the platform gears up to meet global market demands.

KovZy's venture is valued at $10 million and employs a dedicated team of 15 individuals, underscoring its commitment to revolutionizing the restaurant industry through accessible, cutting-edge technology.