Posted: 1 week ago

Kinza - Georgian Restaurant in Spain with 4 Branches

Kinza is a Georgian restaurant that already has four branches in Spain - two in Barcelona, ​​one each in Madrid and Castelldefels. In addition to Georgian dishes, the restaurant promotes Georgian dances and traditions.

As Kinza representative Kakha Tsignadze told, the first restaurant was opened in Barcelona three years ago.

"Three years ago, when we opened the first branch of Kinza, the main difficulty was finding staff and the little information that Spanish customers had about Georgian cuisine. In a short time we managed to find that Georgian cuisine is a favorite of many Spanish people; The main part of the guests are locals, as well as our frequent customers are Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian citizens and, of course, Georgian emigrants.

Foreigners like Kinza very much, they often celebrate birthdays, weddings and various holidays here, ”said Kakha Tsignadze.

The representative of the company also talks about Kinza's plans and as he notes, after the acquisition of Spain, the branches of the Georgian restaurant will be opened in other big cities of Europe.

Currently, the Georgian restaurant employs about 60 people.