Posted: 1 month ago

Kernel Enters Market of India - Already has 700 000 Customers

Georgian platform for financial calculators and online invoice generator, Kernel entered the market of India. 

The company already has 7,000 customers in India.

According to the founder of the company, Beka Dalakishvili, India is strategically important for Kernel, since up to 70 million businesses are registered on its market. In addition, the advantage is the English-language legislation and the active involvement of the state in the process of digitization of small businesses. 

The platform currently successfully operates in the Philippines, where nearly one million businesses are registered. Here, Kernel has approximately 15,000 users.

The company also plans to enter the markets of Pakistan and Nigeria.

"We have conducted research in both countries and know the needs of the customers, but in the future, we do not rule out that due to the scale of the Indian market, we will remain here and not expand our business.", noted the founder of Kernel.

Kernel appeared on Georgian market in 2019.