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Posted: 5 days ago

Kazakh Businessman Yerkin Tatishev Becomes Silknet's Shareholder

Yerkin Tatishev, a Kazakh businessman, becomes Silknet's shareholder.

The Communications Commission has authorized Topaz Investments (Malta) Limited to acquire a 38.2353% stake in Prometheus Holdings (Malta) Limited, the beneficial owner of Silknet.

The ultimate beneficiary of Topaz Investments (Malta) Limited is Erkin Tatishev, a longtime partner of the Silk Road Group.

If the transaction is successful, the redistribution of Silknet beneficial owners will change. Giorgi Ramishvili's share is decreasing and he will already have an equal share with Yerkin Tatishev.

Giorgi Ramishvili - 36.3235%

Yerkin Tatishev - 36.3235%

Alex Topuria - 16.7647%

David Borger - 5.5883%

David Mamulaishvili - 5%