Posted: 1 month ago

Kawalsky Accessories Plans to Add New Production Line

During a pandemic, the sales of handmade bag company Kawalsky Accessories fell by 20%, but it does not interrupt the development of the brand.

Keti Kharatishvili, the founder of Kawalsky Accessories mentioned with Business-Partner, that despite the decline in revenue, they did not suspend the process which included working on new models, and this was the matter which has helped to maintain minimum sales.

"We were trying to offer news to our customers. Sales depended on the price and delivery service of the product. We added a new direction and now we are making hand-made accessories with natural mineral stones.", noted Keti Kharatishvili.

According to the representative of Kawalsky Accessories, the company decided to expand, and build its own studio. Because of an unstable situation, they refrained from several collaborations with different companies, but in the future, they say they will implement many interesting projects.