Posted: 4 years ago

Kartuli Hotel - How Georgian Hospitality Works

Sergey Romanenko and Lia Morozova from Saint Peterburg wanted to create the hotel, which would be fulfilled with harmonious, interesting and perceptual space. Then they came to Batumi and decided to achieve their goals in this city. Today, the name of their hotel is Kartuli Hotel. 
It opened on September 12th, 2019 and is located in Orbi Beach Tower, on 37th and 38th floors. 
"We came up with this idea in 2016. Instantly, we started working on the project and set our goal, which included elaborating different concept. In this process, we used local culture, art history and language."

When Lia and Sergey started this business together, they did not know much about Georgian history, culture or language. When they got acquainted with Georgian script, they liked it to such a degree, that they designed the rooms with Georgian words and letters. They also created the library, which unites the books about Georgian architecture, art and photography.
"Apart from books, we also have a vinyl library, which includes not only traditional, classic and Georgian folklore music, but also contemporary releases, for instance, Kordz and Natalia Beridze, Gacha Bakradze's pieces of work, CES Records, etc. This library is extraordinary since it has a seaside view, which is always open for every visitor. Here, they can listen to music, read a book, or work on a computer. This is also space, where we hold different events. I think, that if I had an opportunity in other city, to listen to local music and be acquainted with local culture, I would be really happy. This is why I created a similar space in my hotel."