Posted: 4 years ago

Kareli-based Company Exports 100 tons of Berry to USA

Fruits and vegetables storage complex was opened in the village of Qvenatkotsa, Kareli Municipality, in 2018. LLC Glenberry refrigerator complex was established with the financial support of United Agro Projects.

The complex is equipped with modern standards. More than 5 million GEL was invested in the enterprise, including a grant of 600 000 GEL. The remaining amount was invested by a beneficiary.
The refrigerator complex is able to store 1200 tons of various fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the complex also comprises a processing infrastructure for special shock-freezing method to process 10 tons of fruits and vegetables for 24 hours.
The complex employs 60 citizens permanently and 140 citizens on season. The company has introduced food safety international standard ISO 22 000. The company exports products to foreign markets.
According to the Agriculture Projects management agency, for the first time in 2019, the company exported 100 tons of berry to the USA. The company plans to triple the volume in 2020. Moreover, the company is ready to buy primary product from farmers and increase output.