Posted: 7 months ago

Iva Chkonia: Logistics Center will Tackle Tbilisi Problems Primarily

“Constructing a logistics center near the capital city is of crucial importance to relieve the road traffic”, Iva Chkonia, president of the Georgian Distributors Business Association (GDBA) told BM.GE.

Together with logistics company BENE Exclusive, the Distributors Business Association arranged a large-scale event on distribution and logistics “Distribution and Logistics 2020”, where the GDBA and logistics companies BENE Group and Cairo Logistics signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The memorandum will foster the process of constructing a logistic center in the future to relieve the road traffic in the capital city, Iva Chkonia said.

“Logistics center is to reduce the road traffic in the capital city”, the GDBA president said.

This logistics center will generate resources to make the country a regional logistics center and the Government’s engagement and support is required in this regard, Iva Chkonia noted.

“Georgia has real potential to grow into a regional logistics hub. Our neighboring countries should make sure that we have due resources and potential. The private sector should care for this. Naturally, the Government’s engagement is very important so as the bureaucratic problems that sometimes are protracted for months be resolved in several days”, Iva Chkonia pointed out.

Under the memorandum, the GDBA will transmit information on the sector’s challenges to logistic companies, while BENE Group will introduce problem resolution mechanisms.

‘As for the logistics enters construction timeframes, active job will be performed in 2020 so as the construction works enter certain phase in 2021”, Iva Chkonia noted.