Posted: 1 year ago

Itsik Moshe: Georgia Should Determine Sectors for Attracting Investors from Israel

"Georgia should determine the sectors, where it wants to attract investors from Israel", Itsik Moshe, president of Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business noted at Georgia-Israel Business Forum on April 30. 

Israel has positive attitude to Georgia, but cooperation should be deepened, Itsik Moshe said. 

"Georgia has huge potential. Israel has got knowledge, finances. We should intensify working process and I believe we can regain the 2008-2009 indicators and Israel will become Georgia’s leading partner again", Itsik Moshe noted. 
Business does not mean only figures and this is an economic bridge between two countries, he added. 

"Naturally, there are a lot of investors and there are a lot of problems too. We keep working on resolving problems and attracting new investors in parallel regime", Itsik Moshe pointed out.

About 100 Iranian companies are attending Georgia-Israel 20th Business Forum and this is a message for other investors that Georgia provides best opportunity for doing business, he said. 

Israel’s contribution to Georgian economy is about 1 billion USD, including tourism sector accounts for 50%, Itsik Moshe said.