Posted: 5 months ago

Is Online Trading Prohibited?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Georgian government takes special measures.
The resolution is already published on economical activities, which should stop temporarily on account of the state of emergency, apart from the exceptions enumerated in the document. Hence, online trading is among these economical activities, which is not mentioned. As the Ministry of Economy noted, till the end of the day they will publish a renewed document, in which permitted specific economical activities will be defined.
As the head of GITA, Avtandil Kasradze notes, the aim of economical restrictions due to a pandemic is to relieve public places, not stopping the economical activities.
"Generally, economical restrictions aim to avoid gathering and not stopping economical activities. Accordingly, this principle is kept in the decisions of government. Today, they will publish the list of permitted activities and those, who will be mentioned in the list, will be able to continue operating.", noted Avtandil Kasradze.