Posted: 1 month ago

Hotel "Posta" Expands in Mestia

The hotel "Posta," which was opened last year in Svaneti, Mestia, will be expanded in August.

According to the general manager of the hotel, Tatia Devdariani, 25 people are currently employed in the hotel. After expanding it, the number of employees will at least be doubled.

"Our hotel is expanding, and 33 rooms are being added to the 20 rooms. In total, we will host our guests in the 53-room hotel. Also, the hotel will have terraces, swimming pool, spa, and gym.", declared Tatia Devdariani.

"The expansion of the hotel was part of the 2020 plan, and we did not stop the construction processes because of a pandemic. We were carrying out the building processes in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and compliance with all norms. The price of the project is GEL10 million, and the private financial resources are implementing the project.", stated Tatia Devdariani.