Posted: 1 month ago

Homegrown Microgreens – Innovation by Microgreen Company

Microgreens are full of vitamins. This product appeared on the market 3 years ago. A microgreen is a family business, founded by a young family.

One of the founders Marita Genebashvili told the Business Partner that the company actively cooperates with the HoReCa sector, however, part of the products are also distributed to the retail network.

A microgreen is a smaller version of ordinary vegetables that is picked in 2 weeks after planting.

“This young age adds special taste and useful properties to microgreens. For instance, in red cabbage microgreens, there are 40 times more vital nutrients than in a bigger version. We grow several varieties of microgreens”, Marita Genebashvili noted.

At this stage, the hothouse produces about 20 varieties of microgreens, including broccoli, beetroot, red cabbage, and so on, she noted.

As for future plans, as noted by Genebashvili, before the pandemic the company has 50% growth a year. However, now the situation has changed because hotels, restaurants were closed amid the quarantine, and the demand for microgreens decreased and sales shrank.

“We have reached regions too. We supply products to Batumi, Kakheti hotels, export products to Armenia. We had cooperation plans for Azerbaijan too, however, the pandemic has changed everything. Despite many facilities have opened, we work only with the halved workload. Our exports to Armenia have been also suspended. We want to regain the pre-pandemic positions. It is also very important to restore export direction.

We plan to add new products up to 2021 for retail networks, namely, private customers will be able to grow microgreens themselves”, Genebashvili noted.

Microgreen Company is located in Tbilisi, namely, in Dighomi. The 7-storied urban-vertical hothouse covers 150 m2.