Posted: 3 years ago

Hereti Global Starts Exporting Wine to the United States

Hereti Trading Group is a New York-based importer of the highest quality natural wines from the Cradle of Wine, the Republic of Georgia.

As co-founder of Hereti Global, Avtandil Chkheidze mentioned with BM.GE, they used the period of a pandemic to popularize Georgian wine and despite some difficulties import the product to New York.

Together with human resources, partners invested their own funds and became the first ambassadors of the Georgian wine brand Hereti Global in the United States.

On September 7th, The company exported 16,500 bottles of Georgian wine worth $132,000 to New York in cooperation with the Georgian company Alazani Estate Winery. 

"Approximately 15,000 licensed stores are functioning in New York, from which Georgian wine is sold about 60-70 spots. Factually, Georgian wine has not even absorbed 1% of the market yet. In order for Georgian wine to be in demand, Americans must first get to know it. Therefore, in cooperation with Alazani Estate Winery, we imported wine to 10 locations in September. 

Our goal is to enter 500 locations in two years, which will not be even 10% of the licensed facilities in New York State.", noted Avtandil Chkheidze.

The businessman also stated, that Hereti Global has long-term strategic plans and is not limited to the acquisition of New York State. To fully adjust to the market of New York, they elaborated business plan which can be achieved in 10-15 years.

"We plan to import 4-5 containers a year, which includes about 60,000-70,000 bottles of wine. As the number of locations will be increased, the number of our importing production will increase too. Then, we can move to New Jersey, etc."

Wine is the first Georgian product to be exported by Hereti Global to the U.S. After this, the company plans to export 4 types of Chacha, since this niche is completely free in the United States.