Posted: 1 year ago

Helios Energy Georgia Installs Solar Panels made in Kutaisi in Pennsylvania

Helios Energy Georgia will install solar panels made in Kutaisi in Pennsylvania.

As the founder of the company Tornike Darjania told, there is a big difference between the price of products produced in Georgia and the United States, so the export of solar panels from Georgia has great potential.

"A citizen of Georgia applied to us from the state of Pennsylvania, who said local companies ask $ 40,000 to install a 10 kW power station. We will assist with installation and it will not cost more than $ 10,000. We will install AE Solar panels produced in Kutaisi. We contacted the sales manager of AE Solar, they have a warehouse in New York, that is, we will buy panels made in Kutaisi in New York and install them on the roof of this citizen. In general, the export of solar panels from Georgia has great potential. 

It is cheap in Georgia because we have free trade relations with China as well as with Europe and the US. This is not the case with everyone. The second reason is the cheapness of the workforce. For example, the American company that asked $ 40,000 for the installation, half of this comes to the salary of the workers. In fact, installation is 10 times more expensive than in Georgia, which is why Georgia is competitive. I should also mention that there is no difference in the quality of the products.

We have been installing solar panels in Germany for several years now, but installation in the US is a novelty for us. Business is full of challenges and we may think of developing in this direction as well, to see what the demand will be," Tornike Darjania said.