Posted: 2 years ago

Havaiana's Flip Flops are already in Georgia

Havaiana is a Brazilian brand, which implemented Summer flip flops. Currently, it also appeared on the Georgian market.
Tatia Kariauli is the one, who contacted Havaiana several times ago, but the brand was not ready. Even though, they personally expressed a wish to be on a Georgian market this Spring.
They are already on sale in Tbilisi Mall.
Brand identity contributes to Havaianas's global outreach. The company has leveraged Brazil's positive identity to build a successful brand. As a result, advertisements for Havaianas and the shoes themselves are colorful and simple. Entire shops devoted to the brand exist internationally and the shoes are sold in over 80 countries, including those who experience varying climates. Brand extension has been utilized as an effective way to mitigate this seasonality.