Posted: 2 months ago

Gurjaani Ice Cream Starts Producing Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Sugar-free ice cream will appear on the market in two weeks. Gurjaani Ice cream is launching a new product. As the general director of the company, Guram Berikashvili declared, the company is waiting for the equipment to pour the ice cream. According to him, the process will take about two weeks, after which Georgian customers will be able to purchase Gurjaani sugar-free ice cream.

"We will start producing sugar-free ice cream in two weeks. The documents are already prepared, we are waiting for the equipment, in which we will pour ice cream. The product will be approximately 100 grams, we have not worked out the price yet, however, we can say, that the price will not be high since we do not want our customer to be dissatisfied.", stated Guram Berikashvili.

Gurjaani Ice Cream operates on the market for more than 50 years. The company already produces 30 kinds of ice cream. It employs approximately 130 people. Due to the specifics of the product, the busy period for ice cream is hot summer. During the season, the company has a turnover of 10-12 million GEL.