Posted: 2 months ago

Grosswatt: Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Benefit the Environment and Businesses

Grosswatt, a Georgian company, has partnered with TBC to establish three solar power plants, providing green energy to companies and individuals alike. Director Irakli Nioradze explains how the company transitioned from installing solar panels to generating its own energy:

"Our work installing solar panels for companies led us to realize the growing demand for green energy worldwide. We decided to build our own solar power plant to provide energy for our enterprise. TBC supported us in installing our first test power plant on our company's roof in 2019. The 25 kilowatt plant produces 35,000 kWh of energy annually, and its success led us to build a larger station that we could lease to companies and individuals.

In 2021, we established a 300 kW station in Ujarma, which is 12 times larger than our first power plant. We attracted companies interested in environmentally friendly production and offered them our subsidized energy supply. Our eco-friendly approach and 8% savings have made our model popular, resulting in the installation of our third power plant in 2023, and we plan to expand with TBC's help.

Renting a solar power plant from us has two main benefits for companies and individuals. Firstly, it offers a real discount on electricity with 8% savings, and secondly, it turns their business into an eco-business. This promotes their company while protecting the environment."