Posted: 6 months ago

GreenGreen - New Biomarket Opens in Tbilisi

As a co-founder of Green Green, Salome Laperadze declared, Green Green will be oriented on natural products, including vegetables and fruit, meat, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, spices, vinegar, oil, etc.

According to Salome Laperadze, some of the production will be from their own farms, some will be supplied from the region. They also plan to place products in the store made in monasteries.

The total investment which involves personal funds reaches 50,000 GEL.

Defined by Salome Laperadze, in the process of starting this business, they gave an advantage to the agricultural market, since the mentioned products do not lose their relevance even in a pandemic. Salome Laperadze also noted that the discounts are offered to retired customers. In addition, the store will employ approximately 10 people. 

As for the future plans, co-founder mentioned, that they plan to open the store in Svaneti too.

"We found out, that there is no such object presented in Svaneti. It will be an additional expense for us to open a branch in such a region, however, we take into account, that Svaneti is the tourist season and there will be a demand for our product.", noted Salome Laperadze.