Posted: 1 month ago

GPC Network of Pharmacies Plans to Enter the Azerbaijani Market

GPC, the owner of a large network of pharmacies, plans to enter the Azerbaijani market. Georgian Capital, the owner of the company, presented the strategy to enter the new market to the investors.

According to the market development plan, market penetration will start with The Body Shop and Afflelou brand franchises. The Body Shop is scheduled to open in the first half of 2022.

The second phase scheduled by the end of 2022 will cover the opening of GPC with exclusive para pharmaceutical brands and optics - Lierac, Nuxe, Embryolisse, Marseille, Afflelou Paris, etc.

In the third stage, in cooperation with local pharmaceutical distributors, the sale of medicines will begin.

It should be noted that this will be the second step in the expansion of GPC in the South Caucasus region. The pharmacy chain has been present in Armenia since 2019, where it owns 6 pharmacies and 2 Body Shop facilities. In 2021, the income of the Armenian market was 4.8 million GEL.