Posted: 1 month ago

GOTPA: Georgian Tea is in High Demand on the World Market

The rehabilitation of tea plantations will enter an active phase in 2021, in Georgia. Within the frameworks of the Georgian Tea program, it is planned to rehabilitate 1200 hectares of wild tea plantations, promote production increase of Georgian tea and increase exporting potential.

Tengiz Svanidze, the head of Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association (GOTPA), says, that Georgian tea is distinguished with its high-quality, and the demand for the product is high on the world market, however, the local production can not satisfy the international needs.

"265 tons of black and green tea are produced in Georgia annually. This amount is small, however, the country has the potential to significantly increase the production of tea. Since the 1990s' tea production has been characterized by a declining trend. I hope, that the state program of Georgian tea will enter the active phase this year and the problems that existed in this sector will be solved, and therefore, our exporting potential will increase.", declared Tengiz Svanidze.
2.5 million GEL will be spent on the tea plantations rehabilitation program for the next 4 years.