Posted: 5 months ago

Glasgow Refueling Station at Gombori – SOCAR Continues Creative Campaign

SOCAR company continues creative campaign in relation to the 2020 European Championship in Football. Namely, the company has launched a new rebranded fueling station on Gombori Pass, Kakheti Region.

The rebranded station enables clients to feel themselves in the British city of Glasgow. The design comprises colors of Scottish football clubs Celtic and Rangers, because the plays between Celtic (FC from east Glasgow) and Rangers (FC from west Glasgow) is the world’s one of the most famous and uncompromised. matches. 

Whisky barrels were added to the station as a decoration, as one of the main symbols of Scotland. 

Clients will be able to enjoy various news services at the station. For example, T-shirts of Celtic and Rangers FCs will be sold at the fueling station. 

As part of the campaign, SOCAR has unveiled two rebranded fueling stations. The station on Tamarashvili street reminds of Amsterdam and the station beside the head office reminds of Rome. 

The campaign is related to the 2020 Football Championship, which, under UEFA decision, will be held in 12 various cities of Europe. SOCAR applies the symbols of these very cities for rebranding its stations. At the same time, the company takes into account Georgia-Russian tensions and abstains from positioning Russian cities in Georgia. Therefore, rebranded fueling stations will be designed in symbols of all European cities, excluding ST. Petersburg. 

Thematic stores will open due to the cities. The rebranding project was prepared by distinguished and experienced designers. 

Support of young people through promoting education, healthy lifestyle and athletics, including football is one of the key directions of “The 5 Standards of Responsibility”, the corporate social responsibility platform of SOCAR,