Posted: 1 week ago

GITA to Train 3000 IT Specialists Over the Next Two Years

GITA will train 3,000 IT specialists over the next two years as part of the GITA National Innovation Ecosystem Project (GENIE), a project that has been praised by the former Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Agency and Founder of the Startup Factory.

Irakli Kashibadze notes that for the development of startup industry, economy and innovation, highly qualified staff is needed to work in this field, as there is a shortage of IT staff in the country, which hinders the growth of the number of innovative projects.

"Today's environment allows us to work on global corporations from anywhere in the world. However, we must think that trained specialists will not only be able to work in other global companies, but also be actively involved in the process of creating promising Georgian companies. 3,000 IT specialists will be trained as an important process for the country, it can be said that it is directly related to the improvement of economic processes. As the qualifications of trained people increase, so does their value.This is a direct export of knowledge, which will be much more productive and stable for the country and means millions of dollars in the economy," - said Irakli Kashibadze with "Business Partner".

Under the program, 500 IT specialists will be trained in the first phase, provided by New Horizons, the world's largest IT training provider with 38 years of experience in the field and named one of the top training providers in the TOP 20 in the world.

Registration for the trainings has already been announced and all citizens of Georgia, who have some knowledge and experience in this field, have the opportunity to register and participate in the program remotely. The training course will be conducted in English.