Posted: 4 days ago

Gistola to Receive Guests in Mestia from May

Premium class hotel complex Gistola will be able to receive guests in Mestia from May 6th. 

The total amount of investment reaches $5 million.

"The premium class hotel has 45 rooms. We have a restaurant, lounge, nightclub, where DJs will be invited.  We also have a conference hall, which is able to receive 80 people under current regulations. There will be a children's entertainment center and festive events. Visitors of the hotel will be able to ride scooters." notes Maia Murachashvili, manager of the hotel, and adds, that the hotel will employ 40-45 people, most of whom are locals.

The construction of the hotel was started by the investor in 2016, however, it was suspended due to some difficulties, and was resumed in 2018. They planned to open the facility in 2019, but Maia Murachashvili said, that the opening of the hotel was postponed due to a pandemic.