Posted: 4 years ago

Giorgi Urushadze Became a Social Media Manager at Miami Ad School Berlin and Miami Ad School Hamburg

Giorgi Urushadze is the social media manager at Miami Ad School Berlin and Miami Ad School Hamburg.

A few months ago, he went to study at a branch in Berlin and now joined a staff team. The co-founder of Edulab.Ge, a GIPA lecturer and former media manager for Channel 1, now manages the social media pages of two of the leading creative industry schools.

“It's been two months since I started studying at the branch of Miami Ad School in the direction of Art. But before that, I got funding from the International Center for Education in Georgia, which means coverage of full tuition here, otherwise, I couldn't really afford to pay.

As for the news, I recently spoke with management at the university. So to speak, they go to know me better and wanted to offer me something that would make it easier for me to live in Berlin, and on the other hand, it would fit my career exactly - before starting my studies, I was the head of Georgia's First Channel's new media service and had experience in that area.

I was offered to manage the social media pages of the Miami Ad School Berlin and Hamburg [representations]. I will do my job along with my studies. Truth be told, I am a little confused by this story because they have shown great faith in me. This is a chance I should use. I have to emphasize that there was no vacancy announced, I was just lucky. ”

Miami Ad School is the leading international creative high school in the creative industry, where art direction, copywriting, graphic design and photography is taught. Its representation is in 15 different cities across America and Europe.