Posted: 4 months ago

Giorgi Kakashvili's Autumn Harvest Reflects a Blend of Tradition and Modern Innovation

In the village of Sakobo, Lagodekhi region, modern farmer Giorgi Kakashvili continues a rich family legacy in agriculture. Having lent a hand on his family's farm since the age of 14, Kakashvili has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. Today, he independently manages his own farm, specializing in cabbage cultivation.

This year's harvest has been particularly fruitful for Kakashvili, complemented by a strong market demand for his high-quality cabbage. He credits his success not just to his extensive experience but also to the innovative products and modern techniques now available. "The market today offers solutions that significantly ease the farming process. For instance, there are herbicides that effectively target weeds without harming the cabbage," he explains.

In his pursuit of efficiency and quality, Kakashvili employs a drip irrigation system and opts for premium agricultural products, including those from Bayer.

Kakashvili is also passionate about sharing his insights and expertise. He actively engages in spreading modern agricultural methods, guiding others to achieve abundant harvests akin to his own.