Posted: 5 months ago

Gepherrini: If This Reality Lasts Long, We will Go Bankrupt

Georgian handbags brand Gepherrini that primarily sells products in online format has temporarily suspended business activities, under the Government’s resolution.

The company founder Ilia Geperidze told the Commersant that the company keeps active communication with the Government so as the supply services not be restricted for business, but, in vain.

“The majority of our clients buy our products in online regime. Our courier services used to deliver sold products to the clients by protecting all safety norms. At this stage, we remain stuck and nothing works. Starting the state of emergency we had only 7 employees in a 700 square meter space and we used to protect all safety rules, however, starting today all incomes were ceased.

This factor makes a negative impact on our business. We hope the Authorities will offer some solutions to assist the business. If this situation lasts long, we will go bankrupt, in practice. Exports stopped, domestic sales stopped and what can we invent new? Many companies expressed protests against restriction of distance sales. We stay in active communication with corresponding offices, but they directly rejects our proposals”, Gepherrini founder Ilia Geperidze noted.

As for over 60 employees of Gepherrini, at this stage, they remain in unpaid vacation, as the company has no resources, Geperide said.

‘As for our employees, regretfully, we cannot pay their salaries. We would to with much pleasure but our enterprise has halted completely and the company has no income and resources. We had about 60 employees and we cannot pay even penny to them. We will try to issue compensations later”, Ilia Geperidze said.

As reported, several weeks ago, Gepherrini was conducting negotiations with Chinese accessories company on exclusive sales of its products. The cooperation was suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak. Gepherrini started sales of its products on Amazon 8 months ago, however, at this stage, the company has suspended exports.