Posted: 4 years ago

Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora - CSR Contest Has Started

Meliora will reveal and give an award to the Georgian companies, which manage to implement relevant and outstanding projects and initiatives in this field. The contest is arranged with the support of the project "Civil Society Development Initiative", European Union and Konrad Adenauer's fund.

Business Companies will represent implemented CSR Projects in six main categories:

  • Green Initiative;
  • Cross-Sector Partnership;
  • Responsibility in Marketplace;
  • Supporting Communities;
  • Responsible Employer;
  • CSR communication and transparency.

The contest also has three more categories this year:

  • CSR Manager of the Year;
  • Creative CSR;
  • Waste Management Initiative.

Special category of Meliora, Creative CSR is supported by ACAG. The program of USAID, "Waste Management Technology in the Regions", which is realized by CENN, supports the category - Waste Management Initiative.

As organizers declare, the projects which will be submitted by nominees for the "Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora 2019", will be assessed by the independent jury, who are leading Georgian and international experts representing reputable international and local civil society organizations and academia.

The Grand Prix of Georgia’s Responsible Business Award will be "Responsible Business of the Year", which will be bestowed upon Small, Medium, and Big Companies.