Posted: 4 years ago

Georgia's First Solar Powered Hotel Breaks Ground

The Solar Panels installed on the roof of the hotel generates Electro Energy which is 80 percent of used AC.

As Manager of the Hotel Marketing, Nino Palavandishvili notes, the capacity of installed panels is 27 kW, but it manages to produce 40 000 kW in one year.

“The whole roof is covered by Solar Panels which supplies 80 percent of Electro Energy. However, in the off-season, Solar Panels are still generating Solar Energy. Before opening a hotel, we managed to transfer manufactured Energy from already installed solar panels to the Network of Electro Energy. Now, after opening Brim Tbilisi, what we produce, is used for the hotel. If there would be an occasion, where Solar panels will generate Energy over the limit, we will transfer it to the Network.", Nino Palavandishvili stated.

How did the concept of Brim Tbilisi evolve?

Brim Tbilisi is a Georgian-German project, which includes a hotel and two restaurants. Both sides worked on this concept equally. Environmental changes are important for our investors, thus they decided to use an alternative energy source, which became a central part of our approach. Besides, the author’s decision of the interior and exterior design must be kept in sight. It catches guest’s interest right away. Our strategic location works in our favour as well. It gives tourists an opportunity to get to know to the Georgian capital better and makes old, adventurous streets of Tbilisi unforgettable.

How many employees does Brim Tbilisi have at the moment?

Right now in Brim Tbilisi we have 50 employees, but eventually we plan to increase the number of our stuff.

What have been your major challenges while setting up Brim Tbilisi hotel?

As mentioned earlier, the hotel is situated in the historic part of the city – Avlabari, so the biggest challenge was the exterior design. We had to satisfy necessary requirements regarding the style, which our designer, Mister Koba Pirtskhalaishvili, handled perfectly.

What is your vision for the hospitality segment in Georgia?

Tourism is developing in Georgia. The number of the visitors increases, which inquires progress from us as well. Hospitality and proposing highest standards in general stay on the top of our priority list and we have a lot of improvements in this area.

Brim, is the first Solar Powered Hotel in Tbilisi, tell us more about it.

Yes, it’s quite a responsible claim from us. The capacity of solar panels installed on our roof is 27 kW, which means generated 40 000 kW per year. With these indicators our hotel uses up to 60-80% of the alternative energy source, which doesn’t change even in the off season period. We hope to encourage other Georgian businesses in order to start working in this direction and take part in preserving our environment.

What are your future plans?

We plan to expand our ecological work into various directions. We strongly desire to add electronic cars and bicycles which would contribute farther to build healthy environment. Besides we are going to recycle and conserve every source we use. We hope our guests will help us accomplish these honourable goals.