Posted: 10 months ago

Georgian Woodmaster Exports Furniture for Pets to 50 Countries

You can often find furniture and accessories for pets or birds in Europe or the United States of America that are marked "MADE IN GEORGIA." Georgian businesses have recently developed that are successfully establishing themselves on international markets by producing these goods.

One of these is the company "Woodmaster". The Georgian brand, which was founded in 2015, initially produced household furniture, but in 2021, due to the demands of the international market, it completely changed its profile and started producing furniture for animals and birds.

As the founder of the company, Kakha Jvarsheishvili, told BMG, "Woodmaster" furniture is currently exported to 50 European countries, and the demand for products is growing.

"We signed an agreement with one of the largest companies in Europe, which is engaged in the sale of animal furniture. This company is located in Belgium. At first, our products arrive there, and then they are distributed in 50 European countries. We completed the first test order in 2021, and since then we have been increasing our exports," says Kakha Jvarsheishvili.

According to him, the company has quite big plans and in the near future, we plan to increase the export rate and expand the range of products.

"Initially, we started the production of wooden furniture, although this is only one direction. We are also going to produce artificial fur products, which are in high demand in the European market. At the same time, we are constantly expanding the number of users and actively conducting negotiations with potential partners", - noted the founder of "Woodmaster", Kakha Jvarsheishvili.

As the founder of "Woodmaster" says, Georgian animal and bird furniture products are quite competitive in the European market not only in terms of quality but also in price, which is primarily due to the deep and comprehensive free trade relationship (DCFTA) with Europe.

It should be noted that at this stage the animal and bird furniture produced by "Woodmaster" is fully exported. The company does not plan to sell its products to the local market yet.