Posted: 4 weeks ago

Georgian Video Game Wins at Digital Dragons International Conference

The Georgian video game "Dumbriel: Magnificent Adventure in Hell" has emerged as the winner at the Digital Dragons international conference, one of Europe's largest B2B conferences in the games industry.

Created by the Georgian company MadMoa (also known as AnimatronX), the game won the title of Best Indie Game in the National Showcase category.

"At the annual international conference Digital Dragons, a competition is held between independent game production companies, attracting applicants from all over the world. The top 200 games are given the opportunity to be physically present at the conference. Additionally, game developer associations from the conference's partner countries present the best projects from their regions, with a total of 40 games showcased. This year, we won the title of the best among the selected games," said the team members.

The achievement highlights the growing talent and innovation within Georgia's gaming industry and marks a significant milestone for MadMoa.