Posted: 2 days ago

Georgian Shoe Brand CROSTY Moves Production to Italy

Georgian shoe brand CROSTY has moved production from Georgia to Italy. Giorgi Mikaia, the co-founder of the company, explains that now the Georgian brand CROSTY's slogan is "Born in Georgia and made in Italy".

The production, he claims, will always be in Italy, while the operation will be in Georgia.

"We were creating a global brand from the very beginning and we knew we would have to move the production to another country. Accordingly, we made this decision. Our mission is to compete with big brands, to become a global brand and to mark Georgia on the world fashion map, ”said Mikaia at Business Partner.

As for the reason why the company made this decision, Mikaia notes that there are many problems in this area in Georgia, therefore, Georgian production was not ready for the growth rate and volume of the company.

"It was with great effort we were able to get the quality we wanted. It is unfortunate that the production of volumes is not possible in Georgia yet. The process of transferring production has been going on for about 6 months, ”said Mikaia.

According to him, the lack of professional staff also creates a problem.

"We work with several enterprises, we are growing and we no longer have to think about it. Now our efforts are focused on scaling. We want to open our brand stores in different cities. We will work in this direction for the next few years, ”Mikaia said.

The idea of creating CROSTY belongs to two brothers. The company officially started selling sports shoes in November 2016 and has also started exporting. The founder of the company says that world-famous brands are also competing in the niche segment. Shoe prices for Georgian consumers range from 500 to 950 GEL. The design of the ridges is mostly created by the founders.