Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Pottery on Exports Markets; White Studio to Open Branded Store in Madrid

The pandemic has triggered a surge in prices on pottery products, as a result of transportation restrictions and GEL exchange rate volatility.

The country lacks high-quality clay. Therefore, high-quality raw materials are imported from abroad and domestic manufacturers have to pay foreign currencies for the imports. “Like many other industries, our business has also faced difficulties amid the pandemic. Despite the growing interest, the real demand has declined anyway as a result of growing prices and the fact Georgia cannot produce high-quality clay at this stage.

The clay supplier plant has also suspended operation and the GEL exchange rate volatility has increased the price of raw materials. The product’s prime cost has increased by around 20%”, White Studio co-founder Nato Eristavi noted. The company plans to compensate the losses through exports and by reducing domestic sales to 20% of total production. White Studio’s pottery products will be sold in Madrid, Netherlands, the USA, and the neighboring countries. In 2021, the company will open a branded store in Madrid, Spain. “Our new plan is to export our products to foreign markets and supply our products to target customers. Even the increased price of such high-quality products is minimal for the European market. It is very difficult to maintain and develop such a company in Georgia. We produce extra class products. Regretfully, Georgian customs cannot afford to pay the corresponding price for our products.

Our partners work to promote our sales and offer our products to foreign designers, who use our products in interiors. We cooperate with various Dutch websites. Soon we will launch sales in Madrid. We cooperate with Azerbaijan, Latvia, and so on”, Nato Eristavi noted. Two friends, pottery specialist Nato Eristavi and designer Nino Kamparashvli established the pottery workshop in 2013. At this stage, White Studio employs 40 parsons. The company also operates a special school for persons interested in the pottery trade.