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Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian PM: State Become Borjomi’s Shareholder, Co-owner, and this will Solve Problems

The Ministry of Economy has practically concluded negotiations on Borjomi. This time next week, we will raise the issue of Borjomi at the Cabinet meeting.

The state will become Borjomi's shareholder, and co-owner, and this will solve the problem, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated during today's Cabinet meeting.

According to the Prime Minister, there are certain difficulties, including the protest of the employees.

"This morning, I spoke with Mister Zurab Azarashvili. On his instruction, the Labor Police are already involved. I want to tell everyone that none of our citizens will be mistreated, and we will treat everyone fairly. Everything will be done the way it must be done," the Prime Minister said.