Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Platform Feedc to Create Distance Learning Space

Georgian social platform Feedc created "Feedc Edu" - distance learning space.
"Feedc is ready to serve every educational platform online. As a result of the world situation nowadays, team of Feedc decided to offer educational institutions simple and flexible methods of learning", stated the company. 

"On our platform, the teacher creates the class, in which the students are added. Teacher starts to hold a video lesson. Simultaneously, students have an opportunity to write comments in the live regime."

Feedc will be available both in Georgia and its partner countries.

Feedc is a startup based in Tbilisi, Georgia working on the development of an online social networking service Feedc. Feedc doesn't aim to compete with or replace any existing social networking platform. Feedc is meant to introduce a new way of sharing and reaching millions of people around the world. Their goal is to connect people by giving them a tool to share what they see, think or believe, with everyone around the world.