Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgian Peanut Butter Shop Snacky Opens a Second Store

It has been about a year since the Georgian peanut butter producing company Snacky appeared on the market.

It offers peanut butter to its customers without any additives. The company initially worked on online sales and is now preparing to open a second store.

According to the co-founder of Snacky, Iese Patiashvili,

"I used peanut butter as a food additive, which was imported to Georgia, it was in short supply and its price was expensive. At first, we just tested whether it was possible to make local production.

Currently, Snacky is the first mass-produced peanut butter in Georgia.

As for the investment, at first, we just bought a blender, we made the brand label in Photoshop and advertised on the social network, we probably made a 500 GEL investment.", noted the co-founder of Snacky, Iese Patiashvili.

Currently, the company employs 10 people and peanut butter is sold in packages of 300 grams and 1kg.