Posted: 10 months ago

Georgian Organic Producer Bio 'Bostani' Gains International Recognition but Holds Off on Exports Due to Scalability Constraints

After three years of diligent efforts, Bio "Bostanii," Georgia's first bio-certified greenhouse, has achieved a significant milestone. The company recently obtained the prestigious "Caucascert" bio-certificate, positioning it for potential exports to European and American markets. Beka Barjadze, the founder of Bio "Bostani," spoke with Business Partner to discuss the journey and the challenges ahead.

"Since its inception, our farm has been dedicated to producing solely natural products," said Barjadze. "While there was initial skepticism in the Georgian market concerning organic offerings, our recent certification proves our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality."

The certification by "Caucascert" LLC, one of Georgia's stringent accrediting bodies, opens up new possibilities. "Holding a certificate from an organization like 'Caucascert' is akin to having a passport to European and American organic markets," Barjadze explained.

However, despite the burgeoning interest from overseas buyers in Bio "Bostani's" diverse portfolio—which ranges from colorful tomatoes and French beans to organic carrots, melons, chicken, and eggs—export plans are currently on hold.

"While there's palpable demand from European countries, our current production levels can't ensure the necessary volume and consistency for exportation," admitted Barjadze. "Thus, plans for overseas expansion are not feasible for another 4-5 years."

Situated in Ponichala, the greenhouse spans an area of 1,300 square meters. Operational since 2021, Bio "Bostani" aims to harvest 3 tons of organic products this year. The farm strictly adheres to organic farming practices, eschewing synthetic fertilizers and chemical agents.