Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Olive Oil Ranked Among Best in Madrid

According to Giorgi Svanidze, the president of the World Olive Council (IOC) and the founder of the company "Georgian Olives", at the international olive summit held in Madrid, Georgian olive oil was named one of the best products in the world. He spoke about this in the "Forbes Week" program and explained that this is a great recognition for Georgia and the olive sector.

"Of the 47 countries represented at the international olive summit held in Madrid a few days ago, the olive oil produced in Georgia was ranked among the best.

In the Extra Virgin category of olive oil, the oil produced in Georgia received a very high rating and was immediately included in the premium category. When the 3 best olive producing countries are named - Italy, Spain, Greece, Georgia is mentioned along with them. This gives us the fact that in any network of the world, when an olive consumer from any other country learns that it is Georgian brand olive oil, they see it as a premium class product and pay the appropriate price. It took us 10 years for this, and this is a great success," said Svanidze.

According to the president of the World Olive Council, Georgia became a member of the "World Olive Council" in 2020, and then assumed the presidency. Membership of the organization and such recognition is very useful for the country's economy.

He noted that before his presidency, the work on adding a new country to the organization lasted for 3-4 years, during his presidency, 3-4 countries joined the World Olive Council, which is a great achievement.