Posted: 6 months ago

Georgian Leather is on Sale on Amazon

On Amazon, along with Georgian-made leather goods, Georgian leather will be sold as a raw material in rolls.

The industry, in which Georgia was quite successful years ago, faces many challenges today, which negatively affected the quality of Georgian leather. However, the entrepreneurs in the country try to restore the production of raw leather in Georgia, replace imported leather and export the products.

According to the founders of Termitti, Mikheil Berdzenishvili and Lado Chalauri, the production of leather in the country and the quality of produced leather are decreasing year by year, which is due to the increase in costs for entrepreneurs.

"We face some challenges: first of all, the problem is the labor force since there are fewer people who are willing to work in the leather factory. Another issue is related to the chemicals that are imported from other countries and are quite expensive. We also have a problem with equipment, there is no service in Georgia for any company or private person to repair the equipment.", stated Lado Chalauri.

However, industry representatives express optimism with regards to Georgian leather sales abroad. They believe that Georgia has the resources to develop leather production at a high level and supply the products manufactured here to the local market.