Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Kitchen "Mome" Opens in Paris

Georgian cuisine "Mome" will be launched in just a few days in Paris. According to its founder, Barbara Kharkheladze, the kitchen will offer Khinkali, Pkhaleuli, and various varieties of khachapuri. According to her, the Georgian flavors fit into the taste of the French, which gives them hope for a great deal of interest.

"The kitchen will be launched on various platforms in early February. Customers will be able to buy a kind of menu here, in which Pkhali, Khinkali, and Khachapuri will be combined. We conducted a kind of survey in advance and it turned out that these flavors are very acceptable to the French, Pkhaleuli is especially popular because it is vegan, gluten-free, and suits everyone's taste," said Barbara Kharkheli.

The founder of "Mome" says that she had two main motives when creating the kitchen - to provide missing dishes to Georgians living in France and to popularize Georgian flavors.

"There are a few Georgian restaurants in Paris, however, this is a very small number, and the delivery service did not exist at all. My goal was to create an object that would reach large masses. We chose a name that would be both Georgian and easy to pronounce in French. At this stage, our main competitor is not French cuisine itself, but fast food establishments, pizza, and burgers, which we think we will compete with," explains Barbara Kharkheli.

As for the future plans, according to Barbara, the first year will be devoted to marketing activities and refinement of the kitchen, and from next year they plan to open two more kitchens in order to utilize all the districts of Paris. Long-term plans also include going to other cities. Speaking about investments, Kharkheli notes that the object was created entirely with personal savings, which means investing 50-70 thousand euros.