Posted: 5 years ago

Georgian Information and Communication Technology Companies Connect with their Estonian and Latvian counterparts

On June 5, leading Estonian and Latvian information and communication technology (ICT) companies visited Georgia to participate in an international business-to-business exchange event, where they discussed possibilities for potential partnerships and joint projects.

Georgian governmental officials presented the policies that are being implemented in the country’s ICT sector to boost its development. They described the conditions for doing business in this sector, investment opportunities and the existing ecosystem to promote innovation.

The event provided an opportunity for the Georgian ICT sector to present itself and raise the awareness of international members of the industry about the sector’s current priorities and action plan.

On 6 June, the Estonian-Latvian delegation visited Tech Park Georgia to learn about its services and activities.

The visit was organized within the EU-supported “SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia” project, part of the EU4Business initiative.