Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Handmade Candles

Identity Candles

Identity Candles is inspired by Hellenistic culture. It offers customers candles in the shape of Greek sculptures and columns.

Apart from this, one can also purchase special candles made for New Year, which have a shape of a Christmas tree and stars.

Chubika Store

Well-known artist, Chubika offers customers the best synthesis of art and functional items. The candles are inspired by his sculptures and are the best gift for modern art lovers.

Cimcimi Candles

Cimcimi's scented candles are inspired by Georgian relief art. Apart from the beautiful design and pleasant scent, one is also able to be introduced to the history of the architectural monuments while purchasing the item.


Dreams provide customers with different colors of 2 candle figures, cosmonaut and little snowgirl. The candles remind us of old Christmas tree toys and it is ideal for prolonging the New Year mood.

Auroma Candles

Auroma creates candles with everyone's favorite flavors. One can purchase both traditional and candles with the shape of clouds or a female body. When ordering the candle, the brand enables us to choose our favorite scent.

Vanilla Glory

Vanilla Glory's candles are mainly inspired by antique and renaissance artworks. Some of the candles are scented. The brand also offers the customer aromas of coconut and vanilla.

Mind The Shop

The candles of Mind The Shop are inspired by an antique fireplace. With an interesting mix of architecture and design, Mind The Shop offers you pastel-colored candles, which are suitable for any type of interior.