Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Fish and Caviar Headed to the Global Market

To promote local clean fish products, Georgian Fish and Caviar is expanding globally with Leri Chichinadze, the new CTO of 6 months, a graduate of St. Louis University.

Although the farm started out as an experimental venture, Georgian Fish and Caviar founder Malkhaz Shubalidze was able to overcome the difficulties with a determined team. The company's selfless work helped it become the most valuable and influential player in the Caucasian market, reflecting in both wholesale and retail markets and increasing import volumes.

Malkhaz Shubalidze says  –  “There are several new farms that have been built nearby, which we would be happy to consult with, help with planning, and contribute to the development of Georgian aquaculture”.

Georgian Fish and Caviar is a farm that sources its clean water from the river Kintrishi, and has a 105-meter-tall dam to protect its agricultural land. The farm meets all the European food safety and hygiene standards and is always looking for ways to improve its practices.

At present, there are four different clean fish species that produce high-quality red and black caviar. Farmers always monitor water quality and growth characteristics, feed fish with high-quality foods such as Biomar, Skretting, Coppens and apply innovative methods to milk fish without harm to enhance the taste of caviar. With this approach they manage to create a new generation of almost extinct Colchis sturgeon.

These complex processes require the help of experienced professionals. The company trained two of its employees in Ichthyology so that they would be better equipped to represent the company in the local market. They made developing their farmers a priority and regularly train the rest of the team.

They have been involved in the nationwide initiative for more than two years. The trout fishery on the high mountain rivers of Adjara is intended to reduce the environmental damage caused by hydroelectric power plants located on these rivers. This process has already released a large number of trout into the wild. The farm is working with the Batumi Aquarium to create and reproduce a Colchis sturgeon based on a memorandum. The facility has already produced a few hundred specimens.

The company plans to expand its existing farm and caviar workshop, as well as to create a new fish farm which will focus on reproduction of Colchis sturgeon. This idea will result in more investments, new technologies, and an increase in the volume of secondary products and the number of people employed. The factors mentioned above are important for the global market for Georgian fish and caviar.