Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Digital Platform WeHost Adds Experience Service

The Georgian digital platform WeHost, together with Lemondo, created additional service for tourists and hosts, called WeHostXP.
This is an intermediary service that connects with different experience seekers and hosts. The service online platform was created based on the Airbnb model.
According to the authors of the project, besides the standard tours, hosts will be able to turn different hobby and interests into a source of additional income. Marketer talked to the co-founder of WeHostXP, Nika Anjaparidze.
"Initially, we wanted to create the kind of tour service, that travel companies don't offer. So we came to the idea to give this opportunity to everyone. WeHost is a mediator platform, on which anyone can create his tour. The platform is created based on the Airbnb model. This an "experience" category, in which the host can turn the hobby into a source of income, and on the other hand, who wants to get different experiences can buy this service. These types of tours are not offered by tourist companies as usual. Directions, price and calendar are not limited. Any person can register and add service.

The main attraction of this project is that these services are delivered to our platform through our platform-WeHost. By WeHost, we rent apartments at Airbnb. We will have access to our customers too. About 2500 tourists use our platform every month. When tourists come to our rented apartments, we send them this website and its services as a recommendation.''