Posted: 4 months ago

Georgian Creative Agency Windfor’s to Enter Ukrainian Market

The agency plans to open a new office in Ukraine. Preparatory works are underway.

The company is selecting staff members, who will cooperate with the Tbilisi office on a rotation system. However, the Ukrainian office will also have a regular staff. Ukraine-based office of Windfor agency is expected to launch operation in April 2020.

As noted by the agency founder Vato Kavtaradze, various factors have inspired the agency team to take this decision:

“Quality and level of the brainwork that the company has gained over the past few years needs international scales….We have mulled over this issue for a long period. However, it is one thing to wish and another is to take real steps. We had to precisely determine necessary conditions. Now the agency has reached the phase when we have identified specific requirements for entering international market – be it the team readiness, technical and logistics factors”.

Vato Kavtaradze: In Ukraine, everything Georgian is appreciated highly. This is a reality. This phenomenon is rooted in their cultural layers and it does not matter whether this is AD agency, mineral water or football club, unlike Germany, England or the USA with more cosmopolitan tendencies, but lacking for the Georgian phenomenon and elements. At the same time, there are many Georgian businesses operating in Ukraine and our company is expected to provide a certain support for them. We can work in this direction. In short, this undertaking comprises many interesting aspect.