Posted: 11 months ago

Georgian construction Company start selling in Crypto currency

The construction company Mardi Holding started to take payment in crypto currency.

Crypto payment can be proceeded remotely via electronic wallet. The customer only need to have Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum electronic account. The Payment will be made according to the exchange rate at the date of payment.

The advantage of settlement with crypto currency is that transaction is quick and does not require complicated procedures. It is also convenient for tourists, who often do not have Georgian credit cards and wish to buy real estate in Georgia.

"The idea came from the demand. Since 50% of our buyers are foreigners we had to match to their needs and convenience.  We wanted to provide them with favorable terms and conditions by introducing this new form of payment" says Tamar Devadze, the financial analyst of the company.

Mardi Holding is a multifunctional company engaged in construction activities and hospitality business. The company will offer similar services to these businesses in the future.