Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian Company Starts Producing Innovative Shield-Style Facemasks

Part of Georgia-based companies continue active operations despite the state of emergency. Favorite Style is among the mentioned active companies.

The enterprise has retooled its production and launched manufacturing new innovative shield-style facemasks.

“Our company was the first one in Georgia that launched production of facemasks. Test patterns were made 3 weeks ago and now we supply our facemasks to more than 300 major and medium Georgian companies.

Because of the current deficit, we decided to manufacture similar facemasks to protect eye and nose mucus, mouth. We fulfilled this plan soon. Instead of closing specific directions, we managed to employ more people and expanded our production to various locations”, Ana Gobronidze, the company administration director noted.

Amid the growing demand, the company facemasks will soon appear in retail stores and pharmacies.

“Our products are sold through the channels of Favorite Style Company. You should just dial 032 2950011. We also provide delivery services. At this stage, we are conducting negotiations with various supermarkets and pharmacy networks”, Ana Gobronidze noted.